We are truly your right arm which can manage any event for you. Starting with venue/site management, artists, accommodation, catering and others, we can fulfil any of your wishes. We will oversee the event so you can have fun while everything else works as planned.


We are professional roadies. We will setup any stage, support, light, sound or video equipment. We will make any event alive in no time. Thanks to the professional crew supported by extensive database of part time workers we are able to provide crew for any type of event.


We are the ones that you really want and can trust. We will take care of the artist from the time they arrive till they leave the venue. Managing stage, helping with the changeovers, operating the spotlights, decorations - you name it, and we will do it. We are the crew that you can trust!


We control the stage. From the very start through the whole event we make sure that everything is on time to keep the show running. Managing the Stage crew at our best during the show and solving any issue that can happen.


Core of any event is the logistics. Care to have some fresh towels at 4 a.m. or a special candy? Be sure that we can make it happen! We can provide you one of our many cars to buy anything you need or pick up the band and shuttle it from airport to the hotel or even stage itself.


We can operate any machinery starting with forklifts, scissor lifts, cherry pickers up to bigger machines like manipulators and make sure that any stage will be up and ready.


Need a hand in a kitchen or serving the crew? We can do the preparations, dishes, set the tables and many other this that catering needs.


We live for the backstage! Ironing the costumes? Helping band to setup? We are your right arm and ready anytime to help you.


If it comes to festival, concert, exhibition or any other gig you need a special team of people to make it happen. Throughout the last decade our company SETRES belongs to one of the best roadies/stagehands agencies in Czech Republic. We are situated in Brno, but we work all over the Czech Republic and neighbour states (Slovakia, Austria, Poland). We helped our clients in many various locations like Lisbon, Amsterdam, Gdansk, Budapest, Rome or Cannes. We can manage any kind and part of any event for you. Our motto is: No stress... SETRES!

Our main specialization is touring, being able to stay on band on tour for as many concerts in a row as needed. We are able to provide you roadies, runners, stage crew or even stage management crew. Our crew consists many various professionals required to create any event. Our crew is being trained on regular basis and our company insurance will cover any issues that might happen. Our flexible ability to get the crew together even with last minutes orders is one of our lead specialties.



We are glad that we can cooperate at great projects with a lot of amazing people. The thing that really gives our work the meaning is their overall satisfaction.
  • Almost seven years now I have been able to rely and depend on SETRES to provide the labor required for proffesional projects in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Portugal. All of these projects have been consecutive day after day crews for multi week installations or rotation of events. With the management team always on board with our projects and quick to adapt as required all projects opened on time and met expectations in every market, every project and consistently as we desired.
    Mike W. D. Smith
    Freelance Touring Production
  • We are working with SETRES since their very beginning and with Tomáš Donné even longer. I have been always very satisfied with their service in Czech republic as well as other countries where we worked together(Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Portugal). I'm very glad that we are not only business partners but friends as well.
    Petr Suchánek
    production director
    JVS GROUP, s.r.o.
  • We are working with the crew since the very beginnig when they pushed the cases in our club. We are working together in and outside the club gigs as well.
    Ondřej Bača
    booking, production, rents
    FLEDA Company s.r.o.
  • It's been always a pleasure to cooperate with you. Perfection, human approach high level of profesionalism. I'm looking forward to our future cooperation.
    Martin Vaněk
    RENTAL LIVE a.s.
  • Professionalism, expertise, reliability and very friendly manner. That's what SETRES means to me.
    Roman Klubal
  • Chosing SETRES boys means easy business and certainty of quality work. SETRES = No Stress...
    Adam Zaoral


SETRES, s.r.o.


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Do you need to manage a concert, an exhibition or corporate event? Are you looking for a production or even the stage to built? If yes, we are your choice. We can manage any event regardless the size or part of it. Feel free to contact us!

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